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The album "Beautiful" is a Pop/R & B Project 


Available Now!  Church School Songs along with a great activity book Perfect for the whole family.

Here's Another Album I'd Suggest  For The Whole Family "10" Thats right a 10 Commandments Album. Along With 2 Bonus Tracks 

For Purchasing please call (615) 838-8770



"N'Namdi On The Road"

06/11/05........Huntsville, Al

06/24/05........ Louisville, Ky Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Thirsty Melon

06/25/05........Louisville, Ky  Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Thirsty Melon

07/02/05........Huntsville, Al

07/09/05...Louisville Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Gospel Fest W/Fred Hammond & Tonex

07/15/05........Atlanta, Ga... Shiloh SDA Church

07/23/05.....Birmingham, Al Norwood SDA Church

07/30/05......Nashville, Tn South Nashville SDA Church

8/04/05... Hartselle, Al   Earth Park Downtown

08/06/05  Harvest, Al The Well Christian Ministry Center

08/13/05  Gulf Port, Ms    Maranatha SDA Church

08/27/05   Gulfport, Ms    Maranatha SDA Church  LETC Conference

09/03/05   Huntsville, Al   The Loft

09/09/05   Huntsville, Al  Oakwood Academy Chapel

09/10/05   Huntsville, Al   Old Fashion Trade Day Downtown

09/17/05   Keene, Tx       Southwestern Adventist University

09/17/05   Keene, Tx       Southwestern Adventist University

09/18/05  Baton Rouge, La

09/23/05  Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College AYS

09/24/05  Nashville, Tn   South Nashville SDA Church

09/30/05   Huntsville, Al    The Loft

10/01/05   Madison, Al  Madison Street Festival

10/01/05   Huntsville, Al  The Loft

10/05/05   Huntsville, Al  Oakwood College  Prayer Meetig Mosley Complex Hispanic Service

10/06/05   Huntsville, Al   Casa Montego

10/07/05   Huntsville, Al   Jubilatte Cafe (Greatfulife Community Church)

10/08/05   Huntsville, Al  Oakwood College Mosley Complex Spanish Service

10/09/05   Huntsville, Al WJAB 90.9 FM (Chariots To Glory)

10/15/05   Crandal, Ga   Cohutta Springs Oakwood College SDA Church Youth Retreat


10/22/05  Hartselle, Al  Red Cross Benefit Concert Katrina Victims Earth Park

10/29/05   Huntsville, Al  Oakwood College SDA Church

10/29/05   Oakwood College Moran Hall (Carribean Union College Alumni Convention)

10/29/05   Huntsville, Al  Huntsville's Hispanic Association

11/04/05   Jubilatte Cafe Greatfulife Community Church

11/05/05  Huntsville, Al  Mt. Calvary SDA Church

11/12/05  Birmingham, Al   Southpark SDA Church

11/19/05   Birmingham, Al   Ephesus SDA Church

12/03/05   Pensecola, Fl

12/09/05   Huntsville, Al     Oakwood College SDA Church Benefit Concert for Katrina Victims

12/17/05   Hazelhurst, Ms Orion SDA Church  Divine Service

12/17/05   Brookhaven, Ms

12/31/05   Nashville, Tn. South Nashville SDA Church Divine Service

01/20/06   Decatur, Al    Java Jaays Coffee Shop

01/27/06   Huntsville,Al   Jubilatte Cafe

02/02/06   Huntsville, Al  Von Braun Civic Center Arena Huntsville Havocs Hockey  (National Anthem)

02/04/06   Huntsville, Al   Coffee Tree Coffee Shop

02/18/06   Huntsville, Al   Smyrna SDA Church  w/ Mark Williams & The Broadcast

02/19/06   Huntsville, Al   Oakwood Adventist Academy Banquet

02/25/06   Huntsville, Al   Jubilatte Cafe

03/04/06   Huntsville, Al   Coffee Tree

03/1106   Huntsville, Al Oakwood College Mosley Complex Spanish Service

03/17/06   Huntsville, Al

03/18/06   Huntsville, Al   New Life SDA Church Divine Hour

03/24/06   Huntsville, Al  The Remnant Center

04/01/06   Pulaski, Tn   Philedelphia SDA Church

04/16/06    Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College Market (Outdoor Performance) Alumni Weekend  9am to 1pm

04/16/06 Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College Ashby Auditorium Oakwood Expo (Outdoor Performance) Alumni Weekend (2:15- 2:30pm)

04/19-23/06   Atlanta, Ga   United Youth Congress SDA

05/06/06   Huntsville, Al Oakwood College Church

05/19/06   Huntsville, Al  Kenny Mango's Cafe

06/17/06   Huntsville, Al   South Central Conference Campmeeting Ashby Auditorium

 06/23/06   Huntsville, Al   Kenny Mango's Cafe

09/23/06   Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College Campus Mosley Complex (In Spanish)

09/30/06   Crandell, Ga  Deaf Campmeeting Divine Hour (Special Music) Cohutta springs Conference Center

10/20/06   Decatur, Al    Java Jaays Coffee Shop

10/21/06   Huntsville, Al   Kenny Mango's Cafe

 11/03/06  Huntsville, Al    Kenny Mango's Cafe

11/04/06   Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College SDA Church

11/16/06   Huntsville, Al   Van Braun Civic Center Huntsville Havocs Hockey (National Anthem)

12/02/06   Huntsville, Al   Whitesburgh Baptist Church (Singles Banquet)

12/16/06   Decatur, Al       Decatur SDA Church

12/23/06   Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College SDA Church

01/06/07   Huntsville, Al   Van Braun Civic Center Huntsville Havoc Hockey ( National Anthem)

01/27/07   Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College SDA Church

02/03/07   Decatur, Al       Decatur SDA Church

02/24/07   Huntsville, Al    Oakwood College SDA Church

02/24/07   Huntsville, Al    Oakwood College SDA Church  AYS Concert

02/29- 03/02/07   Dallas, Tx   Dallas Convention Center (Just Claim It) Prayer Retreat SDA

03/10/07   Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College Campus (Spanish Service) SDA

03/17/07   Huntsville, Al    Oakwood College SDA Church

03/24/07   Huntsville, Al    Van Braun Civic Center Huntsville Havoc Hockey (National Anthem)

03/31/07   Huntsville, Al   First SDA Church AYS

04/07/07   HUntsville, Al     Columbia Highschool

04/14/07   Nashville, Tn    Riverside Chapel SDA w/ The Kings Heralds

04/29/07   Montgomery, Al   W/ Singing Men Of Oakwood 

05/05/07   Huntsville, Al    Mt. Calvary SDA Church w/ Singing Men of Oakwood

05/19/07    Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College SDA Church  w/ Tribute

05/26/07   St. Louis, Mo   W/ Kimberly Quinnie 

05/27/07   Chicago, Il    

 06/23/07   Huntsville, Al   W/ Tribute  Oakwood College SDA Church

06/30/07   Hurtsboro, Al    Jesus Is The Way SDA Church W/ Kimberly Quinnie

07/14/07     Huntsville, Al   Oakwood College Church W/ Tribute

08/04/07    Huntsville, Al    Oakwood College SDA Church W/ Tribute

10/13/07   Huntsville, Al    Oakwood College SDA  Church